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How many of us ever really spent time creating a comfortable home? If you never noticed it before, there's this misguided perception that such effort was spent during the renovation phase, right before we moved in, but what if I tell you only after you settle down that you'll realise what you actually want? A comfortable home requires a never-ending touch-up simply because we as human beings always interact with the space we live in.


Fundamentally, when we talk about comfort, we're not only looking at how good the house looks. It has to feel good as well. The essence of comfort, the very basic idea of it, is a collective result of our sensing experience, ranging from what we see, what we hear, what we smell, what we touch and what we taste. To make it more interesting all our senses are closely related our memories, a rich source of inspiration that we can recall and translate it into our home design.


Now, living in a world of steel and glass such as here in Hong Kong means you have to be creative in the midst of so many challenging aspects. The most damning aspect of all is, of course, the space limitation. This issue has created numerous downstream impacts, a domino effect, if you like, such as throwing out furniture that is still in good condition to make room for new furniture.


But that's not to say we can't create a comfortable home. This book will open your horizon by showing you the ways and how they are implemented in order to create a comfortable place based on the design for human senses. It also focuses on green and eco-friendly lifestyle that is inspired by nature, where interior designs were made using unused furniture and recycled materials. Remember, the possibilities are infinite, limited only by imagination.


This book will inspire you to look inside yourself and express what you want!

Wood Soul | Way of living inspired by nature

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    S P E C I F I C A T I O N S


    Format: Hard cover with spot UV

    Interior: 157 gsm paper

    Size : 180 mm x 210 mm (folded)

    Pages: 212 pages

    ISBN : 978-988-79259-0-3


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