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Ready Stock Available Free Shipping to : Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Japan, Macao, Thailand and Vietnam. Rest of the world : shipping fee applies. Please note that , this website WILL NOT take pre-order for USA/Canada and South America, Singapore, Australia, New zealand, Taiwan,  Malaysia and Brunei. Please visit the link below for each regions exclusive distributor for pre-order USA / Canada / South America : USA Gundam Store Singapore and Brunei : Hobby Art Gallery Australia and New Zealand : Little Robot  Taiwan : 依大模型精品 Malaysia : Becky Customizer Store Also available at Local Hong Kong retail shop: Mr.Modeler Manson Hobby Room

Ver.Ed | Anthology Vol.01- Mechanical Detailing PRE-ORDER - ETA August 2021

  • Ready Stock available

    Ver.Ed | Anthology book


    vol.01 Mechanical Detailing


    Book specs :

    size : 210 mm x 255 mm

    Page : 208 pages

    Cover : UV spot Gloss with dust jacket

    Interior : 157 gsm matte white paper 

    ISBN : 978-988-79259-8-9

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